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Jetpack Joyride

ShareI have been playing Jetpack Joyride a lot lately. To play, you have to ride a jetpack by touching the screen to go up and lift your finger off the screen to go down. You have to watch out for obstacles, including zappers, lasers and missiles. The goal is to avoid those things and go …

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Doodlecast for Kids

ShareMy mom’s friend (I call her Auntie Candice) said I might like this app called Doodlecast for Kids by TickleTap Apps. So I tried it today and I really like it! Here’s my first animation using the app. I played “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars on my iPod speakers using it. I like how it …

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Video Review: Temple Run

ShareI loved reviewing Temple Run by By Imangi Studios, LLC. I had so much fun and I hope you like it!   Tiny Techie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Ages: 6+ Price: free (Don’t forget to ask your parents if it’s okay before you download!)

Review: Tiny Wings for iPhone and iPad

ShareTiny Wings by Andreas Illiger is a fun game with a bird that can slide up and down on hills and fly as high as the clouds. The goal is to reach as many islands as you can before the sun sets. My favorite part about this game is watching the bird fly and I …

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Angry Birds: What do all the birds do?

ShareHere is a sheet I made for you to see what all the birds do in Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile. When you tap on the screen after launching an Angry Bird, each bird can do different things. If you get stuck on a level, you can download The Might Eagle! Price: $ .99 (Don’t …

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Angry Birds Update: Summer Picnic

ShareDon’t forget to update your Angry Birds. Rovio has added a new theme called Summer Picnic! The update was released on June 24, 2011. Now you can do so many more things. There are new Summer items in this game like kites, sun flowers, lemonade and picnic baskets. You can hear birds chirping and there …

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Review: Candy Doodle for iPhone


Share{EAV_BLOG_VER:c9bfb2a60170d2e0} Candy Doodle is a from the same makers (Shoe the Goose) as my first review, Cake Doodle. They are both very similar. You can make kettle corn, candy pizza, cotton candy, peanut brittle and much more! There are also lots of things to decorate it with like: whipped cream, sprinkles, letters and toppings. My …

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Review: Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone

ShareAngry Birds Seasons by Rovio is a game where you shoot all kinds of birds on a slingshot to kill the pigs. I like Angry Birds Seasons better than the original one because it has different holidays: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. I’d say the Halloween one is the easiest. But …

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Review: Fruit Ninja for iPhone

ShareFruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios is a cool game where you get to slice all kinds of fruit like bananas, apples, limes, oranges, watermelon,  pineapples, strawberries, kiwis, mangoes, pears, lemon, and passion fruit. To slice them, you have to slide your finger across the iPhone. There are three kinds of modes. The first one is …

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Review: Cake Doodle for iPhone


ShareCake Doodle by Shoe the Goose never gets boring cause you get to create a different cake each time! There are lots of flavors to choose from: chocolate, yellow, carrot, red velvet, lemon, banana, peanut butter, strawberry, apple, pumpkin, hummingbird, cinnamon, cherry, cheese, or instant. Then you have to put the ingredients in the bowl.  …

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