5 Things I learned from Gold Medalist Jason Lezak – #Goals @JasonLezak

Me and Jason Lezak!

I was so excited to find out that Olympic Gold Medalist Jason Lezak was speaking at my school. He told us his story about how he finally won his first gold medal in swimming when he was 32 years old. He never gave up on his dream. Trying your best and staying focused really helps in life.

Here are 5 things he taught me:

  1. Set Goals: Having goals is important. You should write down your short term goals and long term goals. Keep your goals in a place that you will see them every day. I want to put mine on my mirror so that I see them every time I brush my teeth.
  2. Dedication: You have to work hard to achieve your goals.
  3. Sacrifice: Be willing to give things up that you might enjoy to focus on your goals. For example, I am willing to watch less TV to get good grades.
  4. Overcoming obstacles: Things will happen that will challenge me. I have to figure out how to overcome these things. For example, I used to be shy when I was younger. I wanted to be more outgoing. So my parents put me in acting classes and it helped me overcome my fears of speaking in front of people.
  5. Desire: How bad do I want this goal? You have to really want it and work hard for it. I’m going to try my best!