“The Crazed Toddler” movie

Movie Premier Party!

I finally finished “The Crazed Toddler” and just had a premier party for my family and my friend Bree’s family. We had popcorn, showed extras like “Behind the Scenes” and bloopers. Me and Bree baked a 6 layer rainbow cake like the Crazed Toddler’s suitcase!

The movie is about 2 agents who discover the Crazed Toddler on the news and try to catch her. She always steals things and when she gets caught, she finds a way to escape. Me and Bree are the agents (Agent M and Agent B). My little sister is the Crazed Toddler. I was the editor/producer and Bree was the director/writer. Most of the movie was filmed with my iPod Touch and a Flip camera. I used my mom’s MacBook Air to edit everything in iMovie. My favorite effects were the raster effect on one of the scenes and a voice effect for the newscaster. To get the voice of a female newscaster, I had to speak in a higher voice and use a voice effect to make it lower. The movie was very exiting and fun to be in. Stay tuned because we are planning “The Crazed Toddler 2″ soon! I hope you like the movie!




  • http://about.me/maryanne MaryAnne Wendt

    Marissa we are so proud of you! What an entertaining movie! My favorite part: “What were YOU doing?” with each of your activities instead of doing your job securing your “prisoner” haha!! Great job to you, Bree and Jessie. Love you!