Jetpack Joyride

I have been playing Jetpack Joyride a lot lately. To play, you have to ride a jetpack by touching the screen to go up and lift your finger off the screen to go down. You have to watch out for obstacles, including zappers, lasers and missiles. The goal is to avoid those things and go as far as you can. In the stash, you can find clothing, new jetpacks, vehicle upgrades, gadgets, other goodies and your profile. To purchase these items you have use coins. To earn coins you have to collect them while riding through the levels with your jetpack. You also might find spin tokens along the way. They allow you to pull a lever and if you get 3 items in a row, then you win that prize. Or you can just cash in, meaning you can earn 50 coins per token instead. That’s what I like to do.

Right now I’m on Level 9. To achieve higher levels, you have to pass missions. Go to the menu and find “Mission” and it will show you 3 missions you can do. If you pass the missions, then you will get a new mission and 1-3 stars, depending on how easy or difficult it was. You can find more information and levels on your profile in the stash.

TinyTechie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Price: $1.99
Age: 5+

 (Don’t forget to ask your parents if it’s okay before you download!)