Razor Flashrider 360: TinyTechie’s 1st Giveaway!

Ryan and Marissa Tiny Techie Razor Flashrider 360 giveaway

TinyTechie's 1st Giveaway! The Razor Flashrider 360!


The Razor Flashrider 360 is a fun three wheel bike to ride that spins and sparks. What’s fun about the Flashrider 360 is that you can spin really fast and easy by just slightly turning the handle bars. The back wheels are on casters which makes the whole bike spin. When you pull on the lever, it makes a trail of sparks behind you. Be sure to wear your helmet and sneakers. Your parents might want to be nearby to make sure you’re safe. This bike is so cool! As a thank you to my friend Ryan for testing the bike with me on my TinyTechieTV video, I let him have the bike to keep. I surprised him at the end of our ride. My first TinyTechie giveaway! Hopefully I’ll have more fun things to review and giveaway to my readers. My mom took this video while rollerblading next to us. What an exciting day!

For more info:  Razor Flashrider 360