Facebook game: CityVille by Zynga

Screen Shot of Tiny Techie's CityVille

I’m addicted to CityVille! I play at least twice a day. There are so many things to do. The object of this game is to build up your population. The citizens of your city are either happy, unhappy or sad, depending on how you create their surroundings. To make your people happy, you need to build more houses or community buildings. To build there is a “build” button on the bottom right corner.

Just so you know, business buildings or decorations won’t really help your population grow. They will help you get more coins or XP. XP are stars that give you the ability to reach higher levels.

On the left/right sides you will see goals. If you achieve your goals, you will earn rewards like coins, cash or things to put in your city. Another thin you need to have is crops. To plant your crops, you should have an empty farm plot. If you click on the farm plot, it will show you different kinds of crops. For example, you can have strawberries, carrots, corn, plums and more!

Once you harvest crops, they will be transported into their boxes then become goods. After that, you will see that some of your buildings need goods. So you can click on the building thta needs them and send the good to that building. When the whole limit of customers get served, you can collect the XP and/or money.

You don’t have to just harvest crops to receive goods. Later on you will unlock a train platform or a pier with boats, which is another way to receive goods. You might not unlock those things right away. You need to either have lots of neighbors or achieve a certain level.

To play this game, you need lots of energy. To get energy you can ask your neighbors, visit a neighbor’s city or collect them from buildings. So make sure you post on Facebook and get your friends to play CityVille with you!