Review: Tiny Wings for iPhone and iPad

Tiny Wings by Andreas Illiger is a fun game with a bird that can slide up and down on hills and fly as high as the clouds. The goal is to reach as many islands as you can before the sun sets. My favorite part about this game is watching the bird fly and I really love the music. It has a very happy and relaxing feel to it. Even my 3 year old sister hums along while she plays Tiny Wings. I also love how the graphics change every day. The islands always look different.

To play Tiny Wings, you have to touch the screen of your iPhone (or iPad) when the bird is moving down the hills. Don’t touch the screen while the bird is moving up the hills or it will slow him down. This game is all about the timing to get far and you collect coins along the way for points. You can get really far and reach many islands if your timing is right. I love when the bird yells, “Yeee hoooo” as he reaches the next island!


Tiny Techie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Ages: 3+
Price: $0.99

(Don’t forget to ask your parents if it’s okay before you download!)

Tiny Wings on YouTube:

  • Sukhraj Beasla

    Sounds like a fun game! I’ve heard your Mom talk about it a lot :)

  • MaryAnne Wendt

    Great job Marissa! I love Tiny Wings!

  • Joanne

    Sounds like a fun game!!!

  • Jeanette Joy

    Love it Marissa!
    Talk your mom into bringing you out to play with Lydia, age 10. She illustrates and writes books.

    • MaryAnne Wendt

      I’ll show Marissa your comment Jeanette! I’m sure she would love to hang out with Lydia! Thanks for visiting her blog! xo

  • Stefano Bossi

    What a great review! I was looking for a new game :) Thank you!

    • MaryAnne Wendt

      Thanks for visiting TinyTechie! I’ll have Marissa come by to see her comments! :-)

  • Nick Jones

    Tiny Wings is such a great game. My little cousin loves to play it, plus it is very easy to use and control!