Review: Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone

Angry Birds Seasons by Rovio is a game where you shoot all kinds of birds on a slingshot to kill the pigs. I like Angry Birds Seasons better than the original one because it has different holidays: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. I’d say the Halloween one is the easiest. But it gets harder and harder with each level. My favorite is the Valentine one. It is called, “Hogs And Kisses”. It has lots of detail like flying hearts and the pigs are dressed like Cupid. The latest update for Spring 2011 is “Easter Eggs”. And the other seasons are called “Trick Or Treat”, “Season’s Greedings” and “Go Green, Get Lucky”. My favorite kind of bird is the black one in Halloween. He is one of the strongest birds. When you shoot him, he turns into a bomb and explodes on the pigs in the building. There are lots of other birds too. The yellow, blue, 2 red (one is fat and one is small), white, and green birds. There is a free version available if you want to try it first. It has only 3 levels per season and the paid version has a lot more levels to play!

Tiny Techie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Ages: 3+
Price: $0.99

(Don’t forget to ask your parents if it’s okay before you download!)

Angry Birds theme song, covered by Pomplamoose

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  • Sukhraj Beasla

    Great review Marissa! Have you played Angry Birds Rio? 

  • Tiny Techie

    Hi Suki! Yes, I love Angry Birds Rio! The movie was so good too. :)