Review: Fruit Ninja for iPhone

Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios is a cool game where you get to slice all kinds of fruit like bananas, apples, limes, oranges, watermelon,  pineapples, strawberries, kiwis, mangoes, pears, lemon, and passion fruit. To slice them, you have to slide your finger across the iPhone. There are three kinds of modes. The first one is original. It is when there is bombs that you CAN NOT hit or else the game is over. Also if you drop the fruit three times the game is over too. The second one is zen mode. It is where there is no bombs, no lives and 90 seconds. And finally, the third one is arcade mode. It is when there is special kinds of bananas that give you futures like double points, frenzy, and frozen where the time freezes. When you get good at it, you get different kinds of blades,  and backgrounds. My favorite is the ice blade. I also like the great wave background.  But I still can’t get Mr.sparkle and old glory blades. This is my favorite game so far. Hope you like this game!

Here’s the YouTube video from Fruit Ninja. It’s really funny:

Tiny Techie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Ages: 3+
Price: $0.99

(Don’t forget to ask your parents if it’s okay before you download!)

Screen Shots: