5 Things I learned from Gold Medalist Jason Lezak – #Goals @JasonLezak

Me and Jason Lezak!

I was so excited to find out that Olympic Gold Medalist Jason Lezak was speaking at my school. He told us his story about how he finally won his first gold medal in swimming when he was 32 years old. He never gave up on his dream. Trying your best and staying focused really helps in life.

Here are 5 things he taught me:

  1. Set Goals: Having goals is important. You should write down your short term goals and long term goals. Keep your goals in a place that you will see them every day. I want to put mine on my mirror so that I see them every time I brush my teeth.
  2. Dedication: You have to work hard to achieve your goals.
  3. Sacrifice: Be willing to give things up that you might enjoy to focus on your goals. For example, I am willing to watch less TV to get good grades.
  4. Overcoming obstacles: Things will happen that will challenge me. I have to figure out how to overcome these things. For example, I used to be shy when I was younger. I wanted to be more outgoing. So my parents put me in acting classes and it helped me overcome my fears of speaking in front of people.
  5. Desire: How bad do I want this goal? You have to really want it and work hard for it. I’m going to try my best!


“The Crazed Toddler” movie

Movie Premier Party!

I finally finished “The Crazed Toddler” and just had a premier party for my family and my friend Bree’s family. We had popcorn, showed extras like “Behind the Scenes” and bloopers. Me and Bree baked a 6 layer rainbow cake like the Crazed Toddler’s suitcase!

The movie is about 2 agents who discover the Crazed Toddler on the news and try to catch her. She always steals things and when she gets caught, she finds a way to escape. Me and Bree are the agents (Agent M and Agent B). My little sister is the Crazed Toddler. I was the editor/producer and Bree was the director/writer. Most of the movie was filmed with my iPod Touch and a Flip camera. I used my mom’s MacBook Air to edit everything in iMovie. My favorite effects were the raster effect on one of the scenes and a voice effect for the newscaster. To get the voice of a female newscaster, I had to speak in a higher voice and use a voice effect to make it lower. The movie was very exiting and fun to be in. Stay tuned because we are planning “The Crazed Toddler 2″ soon! I hope you like the movie!




Jetpack Joyride

I have been playing Jetpack Joyride a lot lately. To play, you have to ride a jetpack by touching the screen to go up and lift your finger off the screen to go down. You have to watch out for obstacles, including zappers, lasers and missiles. The goal is to avoid those things and go as far as you can. In the stash, you can find clothing, new jetpacks, vehicle upgrades, gadgets, other goodies and your profile. To purchase these items you have use coins. To earn coins you have to collect them while riding through the levels with your jetpack. You also might find spin tokens along the way. They allow you to pull a lever and if you get 3 items in a row, then you win that prize. Or you can just cash in, meaning you can earn 50 coins per token instead. That’s what I like to do.

Right now I’m on Level 9. To achieve higher levels, you have to pass missions. Go to the menu and find “Mission” and it will show you 3 missions you can do. If you pass the missions, then you will get a new mission and 1-3 stars, depending on how easy or difficult it was. You can find more information and levels on your profile in the stash.

TinyTechie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Price: $1.99
Age: 5+

 (Don’t forget to ask your parents if it’s okay before you download!)





My Summer Project: Learning About Business

This summer I learned a lot about having my own business. I had so much fun baking cupcakes, making cake pops, dipping pretzel sticks in chocolate and selling them at my stand with lemonade and mango passion tea! I baked during the week and did the bake stand from 10am to 1pm on the weekends during my vacation. My mom and dad taught me many things.

me and Jessie baking


Here are a some things I learned about business:

  • It takes a lot of work to make and sell things
  • I had to keep track of how much I spent on supplies to figure out how much to sell them for (My dad made me a COGS spreadsheet. Cost of goods sold.)
  • Standing near the street to wave at cars in the hot sun was hard (I now have respect for sign spinners that I see on the street!)
  • I learned how to give a “sales pitch” and tell my customers what I have on the menu that day
  • I used my little sister Jessie to help make the sale. She was cute as she talked to people. She’d say things like “Are you thirsty?” My parents called her “the closer.”
  • I learned how to keep 5o $1.00 bills and a roll of quarters to start in my cash box for change. This is called starting “till.”
  • Anything I make over the amount I started with in the cash box is my earnings.
  • The amount that I earned minus expenses is my profit.
  • Pick a charity and donate some money. It feels good to help out!

Going to the bank!

I can’t wait for school to start! I wrote a letter to my principal and will include 20% of my sales to my school. This was a lot of fun! Anyone can start a business and sell things. You just have to work hard and you can do it. :-)



selling cake pops at OC Register

My sister Jessie helped a lot!

The firetruck stopped by!

Thanks Fire Station 27!

Here is the letter to my school principal

 More pictures:

so much fun!

Lemonade and Bake Stand Fundraiser

I had fun selling cake pops at #SMDayOC!

Social Media Day OC was so much fun! I met all kinds of social media people. It was mostly grown-ups. They were busy in a room listening to speakers. I hung out with my dad at his Big Train booth. He was with his co-workers handing out drink samples while I sold my cake pops. I sold almost 50! My first sales day was so exciting. I’m happy to raise money for my school.

This summer, I’ll have a bake sale and lemonade stand every weekend. The reason I decided to do a fundraiser is because a cupcake store in my neighborhood in Irvine refused to donate during Teacher Appreciation Week. That made me feel sad, so I wanted to donate 20% of all my sales to help out. Please come visit me at my stand! I can’t tell you where my neighborhood is for safety reasons. But if you already know me or my parents, I’m sure you’ll know where to find me!

Here’s what I will have at my lemonade/bake stand:

*Cake Pops

*Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks


*Big Train Mango Passion Iced Green Tea



OC Register

@ChelseyVeturis & @HaleyVeturis

@PamelaADizon & @RicDizon

Kristin from @meringuebkeshp! I love her Push Cakes!

Nice to meet @CyberWise!

Here are my bake sale items!

Come to my Bake Sale and Lemonade Stand!

Cake Pops

Chocolate Pretzel Sticks







#SMDayOC 2012

Cake pops for sale at #SMDayOC!

I’ll be at #SMDayOC 2012 today at the OC Register headquarters in Santa Ana! There will be lots of food trucks & vendors there, and my dad Jim will be at the Big Train booth serving chai and smoothies! I decided to sell my cake pops there and donate some of the money to my school. Come visit me and buy a cake pop!

Here is a picture of me from last year:

TinyTechie at #SMDayOC 2011

For more info about #SMDayOC: http://www.meetup.com/Mashable/Santa-Ana-CA/715142/

iMovie: The Crazed Toddler

I’ve been playing with iMovie lately. It is so fun to create movies & edit! Here is the trailer for the movie I’m working on with my friend Bree. It’s called “The Crazed Toddler” and my little sister Jessie is in it. Me and my fried Bree are secret agents on a mission to catch the Crazed Toddler who is played by Jessie.

Razor Flashrider 360: TinyTechie’s 1st Giveaway!

Ryan and Marissa Tiny Techie Razor Flashrider 360 giveaway

TinyTechie's 1st Giveaway! The Razor Flashrider 360!


The Razor Flashrider 360 is a fun three wheel bike to ride that spins and sparks. What’s fun about the Flashrider 360 is that you can spin really fast and easy by just slightly turning the handle bars. The back wheels are on casters which makes the whole bike spin. When you pull on the lever, it makes a trail of sparks behind you. Be sure to wear your helmet and sneakers. Your parents might want to be nearby to make sure you’re safe. This bike is so cool! As a thank you to my friend Ryan for testing the bike with me on my TinyTechieTV video, I let him have the bike to keep. I surprised him at the end of our ride. My first TinyTechie giveaway! Hopefully I’ll have more fun things to review and giveaway to my readers. My mom took this video while rollerblading next to us. What an exciting day!

For more info:  Razor Flashrider 360

Doodlecast for Kids

Doodlecast for KidsMy mom’s friend (I call her Auntie Candice) said I might like this app called Doodlecast for Kids by TickleTap Apps. So I tried it today and I really like it! Here’s my first animation using the app. I played “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars on my iPod speakers using it. I like how it records sound while you’re drawing. So you can tell stories with your art if you want to.

TinyTechie Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 starts
Price: $1.99
Age: 4+


(Don’t forget to ask your parents if it’s okay before you download!)

Video Review: Temple Run

Temple RunI loved reviewing Temple Run by By Imangi Studios, LLC. I had so much fun and I hope you like it!


Tiny Techie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Ages: 6+
Price: free

(Don’t forget to ask your parents if it’s okay before you download!)